Hacksaw Curved Fiskars-136527

Hacksaw Curved Fiskars-136527

Hacksaw Curved Fiskars-136527

Cod. F1000691


Renowned For Its Innovative Functionality, Fiskars Has Dedicated Itself To The Creation Of Garden Tools That Set New Industrial Standards In Every Production Aspect. Resistant Tools, Ultra Light, With Great Performances That Make The Work More Productive And Allow More Creativity And Satisfaction. The New Fiskars Quikfit ™ Range Provides A Complete Series Of Combinations With A Single Handle: With Each Head You Get A Perfect Tool, Suitable For Each Specific Function.

Hook For Branches And Teeth For Traction Cutting

Designed To Carry Out Different Jobs, Suitable For The 136032 Telescopic Handle

The Upper Hook Gives Stability, Preventing The Tool From Slipping, While The Lower Hook Guarantees A Clean And Precise Cut From The Bottom

Adapter And Slider In Fibercomp ™, Tempered Steel Blade

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