Head B & V Neutral W / Idle Cup

Head B & V Neutral W / Idle Cup

Head B & V Neutral W / Idle Cup

Cod. R305232


Head beat and go Neutral without adapter. Loaded nylon head. Suitable for medium and large brushcutters. High quality product, suitable for continuous and difficult work. The special material makes it resistant to abrasion and breakage. Reel capacity: 10 m with wire diameter: 2.4 mm. Supplied without insert which must be purchased separately


M 7X1 SIN. M. cod. R303095,

M 8X1.25 SIN. F. cod R3303088,

M 8X1.25 SIN M. cod R303098,

M 10X1 SIN. F. cod R303089,

M 10X1.25 SIN. M cod. R303093,

M 10X1.25 SIN. F. cod. R303099,

M 10X1.5 SIN. M. cod R303094,

M 10X1.5 SIN. F. cod R303090,

M 12X1.25 SIN. F cod. R303091,

M 12X1.5 SIN. F. cod R303092,

M 12X1.75 SIN. F. cod R303097,

M 14X1.5 SIN. F. cod R303076,

M 16X2 SIN. F. cod R305225,

3/8 - 24F SIN. F cod R303096.

Box with 120 inserts cod. R303100

For more information, see the catalog at page R18/899
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